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The Cacao Oro de Nicaragua group was founded in 2014 to develop large-scale certified cocoa plantations in Nicaragua. The Company’s goal is to plant it’s farm in the Caribbean coast of Nicaragua and then work with the region’s farmers to develop cocoa as a major economic crop for Nicaragua’s Atlantic coast.

Cocoa operations began in Nicaragua in April 2014, on a farm of 3,000 hectares located in the municipality of Rosita on the Atlantic coast. Since 2014, more than 2,000 hectares have been planted. The first crop was harvested in 2016, and total production in the next three years will grow to approximately 5,000 metric tons per year.




Cocoa hectares


Metric tones by year-end 2019

Our company

Working with the Nicaraguan government’s Ministry of the Family and the Swiss Cooperation, the company has developed a training program to teach farmers the required skills and good agricultural practices to develop and maintain a highly productive cocoa plantation. This training program, in conjunction with a cocoa plant distribution program to the region’s farmers aims to make Nicaragua’s Atlantic coast the largest producer of high quality, fine flavor cocoa in Central America.


With more than 45 years developing large-scale agricultural projects in Nicaragua, Cacao Oro’s management team maintains a group of strategic alliances. These include companies such as Exportadora Atlantic, one of the largest exporters of Nicaragua's coffee production, and a subsidiary of Ecom Trading, a global merchant of agricultural goods and logistics services with a presence in more than 40 countries.

Social impact

Cacao Oro has generated employment in areas of high poverty in the Northeastern Atlantic region of Nicaragua. As the largest employer in the region, Cacao Oro’s social impact on both its employees and neighbors has been large and beneficial.


Cacao Oro operations are undergoing formal certification and are operated under the internationally recognized independent standards of sustainability of UTZ. The operations have also be developed under an agroforestry model that includes an active reforestation program for the degraded land.

Our vision

To produce cocoa on a large scale and market the best quality sustainable cocoa in the world, fully committed to the pursuit of total customer satisfaction.

Our mission

To be the leading sustainable cocoa producer in the world, fulfilling the highest quality standards and enhancing the Cacao Oro brand.


Cacao Oro
Our values

We respect and consider everyone in our environment, as we admire the values and qualities of each and everyone around us, whether it is through their knowledge, skills, or experience.


Work together pursuing a common goal, seeking the most efficient way to coordinate and collaborate with each other. Not being competitive with each other, but looking for the best way to reach the common goals.


Perform our work with the highest integrity, seeking permanent improvement, in order to create value for our customers. Continually striving to meet or exceed our clients’ expectations.


Truth in our thoughts, expressions and actions.


Fidelity and respect for our work, our company and co-workers, within the framework of our mission.