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More than 1.9 million cocoa plants planted.
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Cacao Oro production headquarters.

Cacao Oro | Rosita farm

The property was formerly a sustainable logging operation acquired by the current operator and has been capitalized by a US / European private investor group. After the success of the first trials of small-scale cocoa in 2011, the operation of large-scale planting began in April 2014. Production from the first commercial plantation was achieved in the first half of 2017. The La Rosita Farm is located in Waspado County, Municipality of Rosita, RACCN.

The total area of ​​the farm is 2,945.50 hectares. Its boundaries to the North are: Dos Bocas Community and Suklintín. To the South: El Black community. To the East: Private Properties. To the West: Poza Redonda communities and part of Wacambay.
The project has the following varieties of cocoa currently planted on the farm: CATIE R-1, CATIE R-4, CATIE R-6, CC-137, ICS-39, PMCT- and Costa Caribe Especial Clones 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 9. These varieties are distinguished by the size of their beans (greater than 1 gram) and their organoleptic flavors.

La Rosita Farm


The Cacao Oro plantation is designed around a total area of ​​3,000 hectares that can support up to 2,000 hectares of net cocoa production.


The size of the plantation provides optimal economies of scale at all operational levels.


The plantation is vertically integrated through the inclusion of fermentation and mechanical drying operations on site, designed to control product quality.


The operations are developed under an agroforestry model that includes an active reforestation program for degraded land.

Agroforestry Systems

The agroforestry eco-systems with cacao are established in conjunction with inter-cropping of other crops to improve the nutrition of the soil.

Cocoa Nursery

The production of seedling plants is carried out twice a year in the Cacao Oro permanent nursery with 1.50 hectares under sun shade cover and a production capacity of 1,500,000 plants per year.

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