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Managers team

Cacao Oro Nicaragua

Cacao Oro’s management team is fully integrated with dedicated agronomists, agrarian management specialists and sustainability experts, who have several decades of experience. In Nicaragua, the team is run by the Ponçon group, a French-American family group, which is the owner and operator of diversified agro-industrial companies for more than four decades.

Our group’s experience includes one of the largest coffee producers in Nicaragua. This coffee operation is based on the La Cumplida farm in the region of Matagalpa. Other operations include sustainable timber plantations, furniture manufacturing, hospitality, energy and real estate developments. The group was the first to obtain a sustainable certification in Nicaragua and currently maintains UTZ, Rainforest Alliance, FSC, and other independent certifications.


Responsible for the operational and strategic development of the Company. He works full time in Nicaragua and has been an investor in the Simplemente Madera and Agroforestal companies with members of the Ponçon Group since 2005. He has an international banking and business background with a B.A. from Lawrence University, USA and masters’ in finance and business administration from Universidad de Cádiz / Formato Educativo.

John Warrington


VP of operations

Owner and operator of one of the largest coffee producers in Nicaragua, which is also one of the largest producers of arabica coffee in Latin America. At Cacao Oro de Nicaragua, Mr. Ponçon is responsible for the planning and development of the cocoa plantations and related operations. He has lived and worked in Nicaragua since 1974 and holds a degree in Agronomy from the University of Toulouse in France.

Clement Poncon


Strategic Advisor

Founding partner of Ecom Nicaragua and member of the global board of ECOM - SMS Sustainable Management Services. Member of the board of directors of World Coffee Research and the Sustainable Coffee Challenge. He holds a B.S. in Agricultural Economics and Finance from Cornell University, USA.

Eric Poncon


VP Marketing and corporate development

Mr. Glossinger has been involved with Agroforestal and Simplemente Madera Group in Nicaragua as an investor and advisor since 2005. He is responsible for finance, accounting, tax and services for external investors for the Company. He holds marketing and management degrees from the University of Ashland, USA, and holds CFA and CLU designations.

David Glossinger


Operations manager

Responsible for the selection of cocoa varieties, technical nursery and field operations, post harvest processing, logistics and cocoa processing. He was the technical operations manager that designed the logistics and fermentation and processing for Xoco Fine Cocoa Company in Honduras and Nicaragua. He has also led research investigations into cocoa genetics. Giff has more than 15 years of experience in agricultural projects in Latin America. He holds a master's degree in International Public Policy from the University of Wisconsin and a B.A. from Lawrence University.

Giff Laube


Agricultural engineer

Javier is in charge of all state certification processes such as: MAG, Inafor, Serena, IPSA. He is also responsible for the certifications issued by Rain Forest Alliance, FSC and UTZ. He has more than 25 years of experience in agriculture.

Javier Lopez