Commitment to ESG

We could easily summarize the ESG movement as doing the right thing for our employees, our various partners, the country we operate within, and the planet we all live on.


to ESG

The current and future customers of Cacao Oro de Nicaragua have a growing focus that their cacao supply chains be 100% certified as sustainable, which is really the starting point for the ESG to which we are committed. Our ESG efforts are constantly evolving and often seem blurred when it is discussed together with the notion of impact investing and sustainability certification. The following discussion will hopefully add clarity to Cacao Oro’s viewpoint toward the goals of the ESG movement.

The importance of our ESG focus falls upon our current Cacao Oro operations and acts as well as a fundamental guide for developing our outgrower projects involving indigenous communities adjacent to our farm (see COOL). Our agroforestry business model is the ideal platform for incorporating the benefits of ESG principles. There are large and varied lists of key elements involving each area of ESG concentration: protecting the environment; improving the human condition; and proper corporate governance. The outline below will expand those points of fundamental importance to all of us at Cacao Oro de Nicaragua™ .

Environmental focus

is a measure of how Cacao Oro performs as stewards of nature.

Our agroforestry farming model touches on all the following elements: biodiversity, materials conservation, proper waste management, water and energy security, emissions reduction, and innovation. We seek to have suppliers show equal attention to these areas where possible. The by-product of this is a commitment to curb climate change and the protection of Nicaragua’s tropical rainforest

Social accountability

addresses how Cacao Oro manages relationships where we operate.

We protect and motivate our employees to be team leaders, while building broader community relationships and respect. This means a workplace with the highest ethical and living standards, growth opportunities, training, and diversity, which enhances the quality of life of everyone interacting with Cacao Oro.


in its truest sense deals with Cacao Oro leadership.

We align our governance with strategic business opportunities for our clients, employees, and communities. We institutionalized the following norms: anti-corruption guidelines; proper labor practices; transparency; fairness and accountability standards; independent auditing and effective Board of Directors’ controls; and risk mitigation. All these elements underscore our company’s expanding role in supporting a greener, sustainable economy.




Metric Tons


Direct Jobs



All these details evidence a strong ESG focus, and the desire to create value for our employees and partners, while also working to lead by example among our peers in the industry.