Gender Equality Program

Cacao Oro’s Innovative Gender Program  

Cacao Oro de Nicaragua (COdN) is pioneering gender equality in the agricultural sector through its groundbreaking Gender-Related Initiatives. In partnership with the LDN Technical Assistance Facility (TAF), under the guidance of the Sustainable Trade Initiative (IDH), COdN is setting new standards for inclusivity and equality within its operations. This collaboration forms a crucial part of COdN’s Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) efforts, highlighting the company’s dedication to addressing gender-related concerns proactively. 

Understanding the importance of gender equality as not just a moral imperative but a cornerstone of sustainable development, COdN and LDN TAF/Gender have embarked on a collaborative journey. Together, they are co-investing in the creation of a comprehensive gender strategy and action plan. This plan is meticulously designed to integrate into COdN’s overarching objectives, ensuring that gender equality is woven into the fabric of the company’s operations and culture.  

As a tangible demonstration of this commitment, COdN has initiated a consultancy to conduct an exhaustive evaluation of its current procedures from a gender perspective. This evaluation aims to identify areas for improvement and opportunities to enhance gender balance within all company activities. 

The company has institutionalized morning meetings as a platform for continuous learning and improvement. Over the course of the semester, 150 such meetings have been convened, each serving not only to assess progress across various domains but also to address challenges, including those related to gender equality.  

This proactive approach to gender equality is a testament to COdN’s understanding that true sustainability goes beyond environmental considerations to include social equity and governance. By prioritizing gender equality, COdN is not only improving its internal culture but also setting an example for the industry at large. The company’s efforts demonstrate a clear recognition of the significant role that gender equality plays in driving sustainable development, enhancing productivity, and fostering a more inclusive and equitable working environment. As COdN continues to pioneer gender-related initiatives, it stands as a beacon of progress in the agricultural sector, showcasing how companies can successfully integrate gender equality into their core values and operations.  

Through its partnership with LDN TAF and commitment to a comprehensive gender strategy, COdN is paving the way for a more inclusive and sustainable future, proving that gender equality is not just good ethics—it’s good business.